Hello! My name is Stephanie Johnson and I am the photographer behind Silvergum Photography. For many years under the business name Stephotos, I balanced photographing weddings and portraits with working full time in child care, education and support services for people who have a disability. In June 2013 I decided to follow my creative passion, hone my photography skills and pursue photography full time. I changed my business name to Silvergum Photography as I wanted a name that reflected Australia, natural photography and the great outdoors. I think it’s a great fit!

With over 20 years experience in working with children and families I decided to focus on children’s portraiture as I have always loved this field of photography. The challenge to capture the true personality of young children is something I thoroughly enjoy!

Through my previous work I developed a strong understanding of the importance of customising services to meet the individual needs, personalities and requests of families. Photography is no exception. I appreciate that each family and it’s members are unique and therefore their photography sessions should be also. Whether your child is very outgoing and loves to be in front of the camera or prefers their space and a more reserved atmosphere, I aim to ensure everyone feels comfortable, appreciated and relaxed enough to let their personality shine through.