Hello and welcome to Silvergum Photography Portraiture. I am Stephanie Johnson, a Melbourne based photographer with a passion for creating natural and joyful child and family portraits. I aim to capture your child’s true personality and the relationships between siblings, creating photographs that preserve life long memories of who your children are today.

Child and Family Portraiture

Your photography session will be a carefully tailored, fun and relaxed experience. Whether a lively or more relaxed session is most suitable for your family, your children are encouraged to play, explore and to be themselves providing opportunities for natural, spontaneous and creative moments. Photos can be taken at your home, at an outdoor location or both. Using a combination of loosely posed portraiture, candid styles of photography, fun games and free play, the unique interactions and relationships between your family members will be captured, creating a collection of photographs that tell a beautiful story of your family.



Your baby’s first year

In addition to children’s portraits, I also offer Silvergum Photography’s First Year Footsteps sessions, providing the perfect opportunity to capture your baby’s amazing first 12 months. All the details can be found here.



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